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Child Support

Dedicated Alabama Child Support Attorney Protects your Children’s Rights

After divorce, the division of your family into two households can substantially affect your children — both emotionally and financially. A P Law Office aggressively advocates for the financial support your children deserve.

Mrs. Powell can help you:

Understand child support guidelines

Negotiate child support through mediation

Litigate child support issues

Enforce child support orders

Modify child support orders

Child support guidelines

Alabama law has established general child support guidelines. Mrs. Powell can achieve the best possible financial solutions within the framework of these guidelines. She helps you structure the receipt or payment of support that best suits yours and your children’s needs.

Child support settlements through mediation

Through the structured process of mediation, you and your spouse can put aside your differences and focus on the one point about which you likely agree — your children’s wellbeing. Mrs. Powell carefully guides the mediation process toward the most equitable solutions for you and your children.


Sometimes going to trial is necessary for you to receive the financial support your children deserve. Mrs. Powell meticulously prepares for litigation and zealously fights for your children’s right to a financially stable upbringing.

Enforcement of child support

Both parents share the responsibility of raising your children. If your former spouse evades crucial financial obligations, Mrs. Powell can compel the enforcement of your child support order.

Modification of child support

Child support payments remain the same unless the court modifies the child support order. If one parent suffers and injury or loses a job, fairness might dictate at least a temporary shift of financial burden to the other parent. Mrs. Powell can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments to accommodate your changing financial circumstances.

Contact an assertive Birmingham, Alabama child support attorney

Call A P Law Office at 205.332.3710 to schedule an appointment with a child support attorney or contact her online.